Rebecca Claire Ford is a sculptural furniture maker and textiles artist born and raised in Rhode Island. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2019 where she found her love of the CNC and grew alongside a truly wonderful family of artists in the Furniture Department.


The work she makes surrounds ideas of play, warmth, and home to be interacted with by children and adults alike. Through the imagery and the materials associated with textiles and furniture, she creates work that is whimsical, but also maintains a tone of sophistication.


While her work is often sculptural, it also values functionality as she hopes the objects she makes can grow up with the people who choose to bring them into their homes. She is interested in making work that connects people using her personal narrative as a jumping off point, but through interaction with her work creates avenues for people to project their stories and find a moment of comfort or excitement for themselves.

Current & Upcoming:




Winter Exhibition

      Winter Street Gallery

      Edgartown, MA +      

Past Exhibitions:



      Machines With Magnets

      Pawtucket, RI + 

Vol. 1

      Winter Street Gallery

      Edgartown, MA +      

Evolved Resolve

      LA Design Festival + Female Design Council

      Los Angeles, CA + 

ILYSM COVID Artists Feature 


      Virtual, Instagram: @ilysm.jpg

Raffle for Change 

      Immaculate Space      

      Virtual, Instagram: @immaculatespace


      Toronto Design Week: Stackt Market     

      Toronto, Ontario



Department of Furniture Design Triennial Exhibition

      Woods Gerry Gallery

      Providence, RI

Movers and Shakers

      Woods Gerry Gallery

      Providence, RI

The Chair Show

      RISD Museum, Gelman Gallery

      Providence, RI


      RISD Museum, Gelman Gallery

      Providence, RI



You're Invited! Sleepover! 

      RISD Museum, Gelman Gallery

      Providence, RI

Fine Furnishings Show

      Waterfire Arts Center

      Providence, RI

Young Alumna Showcase

      Lincoln STEAM Center

      Providence, RI

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